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Ha… Let’s keep this simple.

I belong to a race of human beings who even though can afford and have a good meal to enjoy, seldom eat and starve.  Even though there is a cozy bed to sleep, never get a good sleep at night.  Even though own a gaming console, never play games on it.  Even though have a large flat screen television, never watch anything on it.  Even though subscribe to an upscale fitness center, never workout.  Even though on a vacation, never spend the time with the family.  Even though pretend to be social, never social in the real world (may be a little in the cyberspace).  Even though have two feet, two hands and everything a normal human being would, never been accepted as one among them by normal people.



Yes, I belong to the category of people who program computers and work in IT departments. 😎

Are you expect anything more about me other than this?… Nah, I know you won’t be interested.  Let’s be honest. 😉

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